Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cookie Baking Day 2009 has been brought to you by...

Laura: Cookie Master Emeritus

Jenni: Cookie Master

Sandra: Oven Master

Tom: Cookie Counter

Maureen: Dough Maker, Cookie Maker, First Assistant to the Oven Master, and Dog Walker

Laurie: Cookie Room Manager and Dough Maker

LeRoy: Host and Nutcracker

Emily: Cookie Maker

Jessica: Cookie Maker

Alex: Cookie Maker

Debbie: Dough Maker, Nourishment Services, and Cookie Sheet Prep/Maintenance

Don: Cookie Inspector

Janie: Dough Maker, Cookie Maker, and Nourishment Services

Ashley: Assistant Cookie Counter, Cookie Maker, and Dog Walker

Dave: Photographer, Blogmaster, and Dog Walker

Nate: Cookie Maker and Dog Walker

Joe: Cookie Maker and Dog Walker

Michael: Spectator

Paul: Delivery Man

J.J.: Mascot

Frannie: Mascot and Floor Cleaner
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