Sunday, December 21, 2014

A few extra cookie shots

Including refrigerator cookies

Ovens off : ( 6:58pm

CBD big data breakdown

Final count, wait for it....


Laaaast cooookies!!!

Closing in on the final count

Can we break 2000???

Hands up

If you love Cookie Baking Day

Last cookies

Gettin' made

Inventive cookie cooling

Cookie Baking Day caterpillar

Burning the mid....afternoon oil.

Still bakin'!

New efficiencies!

1. New cookie containers!
2. Placing the cookie trays outside to cool!
3. Parchment paper!

Laura's experimental raspberry thing

Action Don


Double dark chocolate espresso something something

Cookie count update, 4:30pm


Reindeer cookies!


Group photo

Cookie counter, doing something else

Macaroons, now with more chocolate

Macaroons, now with more nuts

Peanut butter blossoms, complete

We did it

Pop the champagne.

The pile

It grows


Macaroon prep

Thumbprints, now with more frosting

Fat little cookie men

Cornmeal pepper jelly thumbprints

Happy Cookie Baking Day to all from your Nashville Cookie Baking Day cast and crew

Laurie - Kitchen Master and DJ

Natalie - Twitter Embassador

Michelle - Decordation Master and Frosting Mixing Master

Jessica - Official Assistant Co-Vice Blogger

Phillip - Cookie Counter

Lyla - Junior Decordation Master

Fletcher - Lego Master

Kristie - Child Wrangler

John - Marshmallow Dream Boy

Dave - Photographer and Blogger

 Mascot (Dog)

Mascot (Cat)