Monday, December 18, 2006

Lots of Cookie Baking Day Pictures

For a complete pictoral record of Cookie Baking Day 2006, go here:

Raise Your Hand If You Love Cookie Baking Day

2006 Cookie Count

In the picture above you can see a list of the cookies baked during Cookie Baking Day 2006.

In this picture you see Tom (the official cookie counter) and Emily (his lovely assistant) counting cookies. According to the official results, 1594 cookies were baked on Cookie Baking Day this year. Everyone agreed that Cookie Baking Day was great, and asked me to thank everyone who worked so hard to make Cookie Baking Day such a big success.

Cookie Decorating Contest Results

The cookies in the following picture are the entries in this year's Cookie Baking Day Cookie Decorating Contest.

As you can see from the quality of the entries, the contest was a huge success. Congratulations to the winners, who are pictured below with their prize-winning entries.

First place -- Natalie

2nd place -- Joey

3rd place -- Alex

Tied for 4th place (but not pictured here) were Emily and Jessica.


Recipes for Cookie Baking Day cookies are available here:

Thanks to Laurie for putting the recipes together. Thanks to Don for making the recipes available on his web site. Thanks to everybody who contributed recipes and pictures. Thanks to everybody who helped on Cookie Baking Day. And thanks to everybody who eats the cookies, because without you there wouldn't be any reason to have Cookie Baking Day.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Chocolate Chunks

Cookie Baking Day 2006 is off to a rip-roaring (but apparently unofficial) start. Grandpa made Chocolate Chunks for breakfast. When the girls get up out of bed, I bet they'll be surprised.